Ghost Gunner 3 Dealer Deposit


GG3 allows you to manufacture firearms with confidence and ease, in the privacy of your own home. GG3 removes material 5 times faster than GG2 and the new unibody construction provides greater rigidity,  drastically improving finished part quality.

The custom spindle is powered by a specially designed closed-loop digital VFD, which sets a new standard in desktop CNC machining. GG3 ships with code to complete 80% AR-15, AR-308, M1911, Polymer 80 and AK-47 lowers and frames. All existing jigs are compatible with GG3.

Please note this is a nonrefundable deposit for new dealers only.

Click here to see a full list of the new features and here for GG3 press coverage.

Click here to see compatible third party projects.

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