Dealer Price Buffer Tower Starter Kit


Buffer Tower Starter Kit for GG3 Zero Percent builds

Made in USA

GG3 Compatible

Utilizes the same machined clamp fixtures as the Zero Percent Starter Kit.

**You MUST have the Zero Percent Starter Kit clamps to mill this Buffer Tower, they are not included**

Includes all necessary bolts and tooling:

3D Printed Nylon Jig

Clamp/Parallel (Aluminum)

Tap Handle and M3 x .5 Cut Tap

Bolts and Tooling:

(1x) M5x8 Heat Insert (9.6mm length)

(4x) M4x7 (14mm long) bolt

(1x) M5x8 (30mm long) bolt

(4x) M4 washers

(1x) M5 washers

(1x) 1/4″ Ball End Mill

(1x) Threadmill (60 deg. 2″ OAL single point)

(1x) 2.5mm (.98) drill

(1x) M3x.5 Cut Tap

(1x) 1/4″ End Mill (.75 LOC 2.5″ OAL)

(1x) Chamfer Mill (2″ OAL)

(4x) t-slot nuts

USB with Zero Percent Buffer Tower Code

*Please allow up to 12-16 weeks for delivery.

252 in stock

Additional information

Weight 15.9 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 in


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