AK47 Fixed Stock Rivet Set


AKM 47 Rivet Set includes all necessary rivets to complete our AKM 47 7.62 fixed stock parts kit.  Features long rear trunnion rivet with shorter head and proper swell neck rivets for front trunnion installation.

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AKM 47 Steel Rivet Set includes all necessary swell and square shoulder rivets to complete your AKM  fixed stock build. For the installation of the trigger guard, front, and rear trunnions respectively. Rear trunnion long rivet features a shorter head and should be accommodated to prevent damage to the receiver.  Black oxide finish.


[2] 4.5x40mm swell neck

[2] 4x8mm swell neck

[8] 4x8mm

[1] 4x6mm

[1] 4x10mm

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in