22LR Collection


The 22LR Collection USB features the most popular and widely used 22LR 3D printable guns available on DEFCAD.   The following models are 3D printable and chambered for the 22LR cartridge.  Available to US persons except New Jersey residents. Does not ship internationally.

USB includes the following:

  • AR22 Lower
  • 22LR Liberator
  • Fosscad .22 Semi Automatic Pistol

Support Creators directly or get access files at DEFCAD.com

Does not ship to NJ, WA, or internationally.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


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AR22 Lower

Creator | FreeMenDontAsk

Notes | 3D printable AR lower receiver tailored for 22LR builds and conversion kits.

Features |

  • 3D printable lower receiver
  • Includes Buffer Tube
  • Includes printable brace
  • Compatible with most AR15 22Lr caliber conversion kits
  • More details here.


22LR Liberator

Creator | KadeCAD1

Notes | Convert your standard Liberator (380 acp) to 22 Caliber rim fire with these files. Replace the original hammer body and 380 barrel with the 22lr hammer body and 22 Caliber barrel. A modification to the firing pin is also required. It’s imperative that you read the “22lr Liberator README” text document for specific instructions before printing.  *The files for the standard Liberator (380 acp) are included*

Features |

  • Entirely 3D printable conversion
  • Includes file for standard Liberator (308acp)
  • More details here.


Fosscad .22 Semi Automatic Pistol

Creator | TexasRanger

Notes | These files contain the design for a 3D printed .22 LR Semiautomatic firearm, meant to be used as a handgun. This design uses a modified 10/22

magazine, HOWEVER, it must be printed and the resulting magazine will NOT work in a 10/22 rifle.

Features |

  • Rifled Barrel for ATF compliance
  • Metal insert for case extraction
  • Easy to use magazine release/catch
  • Sectioned receiver, can be printed on printers with 6x6x6″ total build area
  • Can accept either a 10 or 30 round magazine
  • Almost entirely polymer, lightweight
  • More details here.


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