10YR DD AR-15 Collection – USB


10 Year Anniversary – AR-15 Collection

This collection celebrates the 10 year anniversary of Defense Distributed’s release of the DD AR-15 Lower v5, the first broadly shared printable AR-15 lower. The collection contains this original lower, along with a few lowers directly derived from it. The immediate progeny is a good example of how quickly a design can be iterated upon in guncad.

Also included in this collection is the best printable AR-15 lower at time of writing, the Hoffman Tactical AR-15 Super Lower.

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Collection contents:
* Defense Distributed AR-15 Lower Receiver v5
* FOSSCAD AR-15 Lower Receiver v5.1
– An iteration on the original v5 lower by FOSSCAD members.
– Two versions are included – the GS (glue/screw) version, meant to be printed in ABS, and the NS (nylon screw) version, meant to be printed in nylon.
* Shadowfall Vanguard AR-15 Lower Receiver v2.1
-The final FOSSCAD iteration in the Vanguard series, which was originally derived from the v5
* Warfairy Charon v4
-A popular and highly unique lower from Warfairy, one of the most noted at the time of its release
* Hoffman Tactical AR-15 Super Lower v3.1
– This was not derived from the DDv5 lower and is instead a separate development line.

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